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I just got my latest order

I just got my latest order from Rosemary. I have been a fan for awhile. I have tried alot of different brands but, nothing compares to Rosemary brushes.
I have her Eclipse for my Watercolor pencils ( I like painting with pencils) and they hold their shape and work really great for both watercolor and regular colored pencils.
I have a mix of the Kolinsky and sable and synthetic for watercolors and all perform excellent.
I also have a couple brushes from Trekell. They are good but, Rosemary is better.
I find her brushes are best for fine lines and detail work in watercolor.
I live in the US and order from her site in England. Shipping is the same as if I ordered from somewhere here in the States.
I probably will use her brushes pretty much exclusively as I have not found a better brush.