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Hm....It is a bit futile....

Hm....It is a bit futile.....There is no universal standart between the different screen models calibration and printing methods calibration in order to know if your screen's colour calibration will give your results when you'll send your file for printing at the printer with his printing setup. Your's on screen absolute white for instance might not be that bright white simply because the printing paper is not that white after all or is not shown under the best lighting conditions.
Don' t forget that screens are lighted from the back while printed paper reflects the light.
And even if you go for a digital file the final result will depend on the recipient's screen setup which 99% of the time will not be not even close to yours.
There is no way to have acurate results between different viewing methods, different machines of different quality or characteristics setups etc.
Same applies on photographs too. Photographing f.e artworks for digital reproductions.
So don' t get obsessed on this matter as it doesn't depend on your setup only.