Review: Huion K20 Keydial Mini

This is the Huion K20 Keydial Mini shortcut remote. The retail price is US $69.99.

I got this as a free gift when I bought the Huion Kamvas Studio 16 recently. I had initially thought this was the Huion KD100 shortcut remote but it's actually the upgraded model.

Bottomline: Huion K20 Keydial Mini works well with Windows. Hotkeys customisability is limited with iPadOS driver (v1.0.0), and the dial cannot be configured. Android driver (v1.2.6) is buggy and not usable.

Here are the differences between the K20 and KD100:

KD100 (2021 model) K20 (2023 model)
Wire connection USB-C USB-C
Wireless connection USB 2.4Ghz Bluetooth 5.0
OS support Windows 7 or newer, MacOS 10.12 or newer Windows 7 or newer, MacOS 10.12, Android 6, iPadOS
Battery life 65 hours 70 hours
What's included KD100, USB-A wireless receiver, USB cable, quick start guide K20, USB cable, quick start guide, sticker

So the main difference is the wireless connection which was 2.4Ghz and requires a USB-A receiver, and now it's Bluetooth 5.0. Connection strength for both is good.

The previous model Huion KD100 Keydial Mini is still available for sale at US $49.

Things included. You can click on the photo above for a closer look at the stickers.

K20 looks almost similar to the KD100 except for the darker gray at the top and the small blue labels on the keys.

Overall build quality feels plasticky but solid and it's really lightlight.

Battery life is said to be 70 hours. K20 can still be used when it's charging.

The keys have good travel and feedback. The keys are not back lit. The dial turns smoothly with audible clicks.

The Huion logo will light up blue when connected, flash when looking for a connection, and red when it's charging with the USB-C to A cable that's included.

The back has 4 rubber feet with good grip on the table.

The Huion K20 Keydial Mini works great as a compact keyboard remote you can have beside your pen tablet or pen display for extra shortcuts.

The advantage here compared to using shortcuts from an actual keyboard is it does not take up much table space so you can have the remote by the side. The downside is there are only 18 keys.

Windows and MacOS driver

There are drivers for Windows, MacOS, Android and even iPadOS.

The driver I've tested is the Windows version and MacOS version That's also the same driver that I'm using with the Kamvas Studio 16. Right at the bottom is a dropdown menu where you can switch between the settings for the Kamvas and the shortcut remote.

It is possible to use the K20 with other brands of pen displays and pen tablets. It's just that you will need to install two separate drivers.

With the driver, you can do the following:

  • Change the brightness of the Huion logo
  • Enable or diable the dial
  • Adjust the dial sensitivity
  • Adjust the sleep time
  • Check battery level
  • Customise the shortcut buttons
  • Create shortcut groups for specific apps
  • Backup your settings

The shortcuts you can assign to the keys are:

  • Your combination of keys
  • Mouse keys, wheel forward/backwards, Ctrl, Alt, Shift, WinKey
  • Run program
  • Lock screen, sleep, power off, show/hide desktop, taskview, start menu, calculator
  • Media control: Prev/next song, volume up/down, pause/play, mute
  • Settings preview
  • Quick menu for 6 more shortcuts on pop-up

If you want to create shortcut groups for apps installed from the Microsoft Store, you will need to find those apps from the WindowsApp folder (exact steps detailed here).

Those Windows apps, e.g. Concepts, Affinity apps, are located in C:\Program Files\WindowsApps. But you need to enable certain permissions before you can get into that folder.

The driver works fine and the shortcuts work well. It's possible to configure 3 shortcuts to the dial and you can use the middle button to switch between the three. A label will also appear on-screen as you switch the dial functionality.

Android driver

The Android driver is called Huion Keydial and is available from the Google Play Store.

The version I've tested is 1.2.6 and it's buggy.

I tested the driver on my Huawei MatePad 10.8 and Samsung Tab S8 Ultra and could not get it to work properly. The app either cannot find the connected K20, or nothing happens when you press the keys to customise the shortcuts, or would just crash when you customise the hotkeys.

Don't buy the K20 if you want to use this with your Android tablet. I will update this section of the review when the Android driver app is updated in the future.

iPad driver

The iPad driver is also called Huion Keydial and is available from the Apple App Store.

The version I've tested is v1.0.0 and has limited features. It's not possible to configure shortcuts for the dial.

Hotkey configuration is currently available only for Procreate, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Fresco and Clip Studio Paint.

It is not possible to input your own keyboard shortcuts. You can only choose the shortcuts from the pre-programmed list of shortcuts shown below:


  • E: Eraser
  • B: Brush
  • L: Layers
  • S: Selected area
  • V: Move
  • C: Colours
  • Space: Layer window
  • Alt: Eyedropper


  • Cmd + Z: Undo
  • Cmd + Shift + Z: Redo
  • E: Eraser
  • I: Colour picking
  • L: Lasso
  • N: Transform


  • Cmd + Z: Undo
  • Cmd + Shift + Z: Redo
  • B: Switch to previous brush
  • E: Eraser
  • I: Colour picking
  • L: Lasso
  • Cmd + N: New layer
  • Cmd + Shift + Delete: Clear

Clip Studio Paint

  • Cmd + Z: Undo
  • Cmd + Shift + Z: Redo
  • B: Brush
  • E: Eraser
  • I: Colour picking
  • M: Lasso
  • Cmd + Shift + N: New layer

If you're thinking of using the Huion K20 with Procreate, my suggestion is to get the Aoiktye Procreate Keyboard (2nd gen) instead which has more shortcuts and is also cheaper at US $39.

If you're thinking of using other drawing apps on the iPad, you'll probably be more productive with an actual keyboard.

Huion needs to add the ability to create your own custom shortcuts with future versions of the iPad driver because the current version isn't that useful.


The Huion K20 Keydial Mini works best with Windows and I did not experience any glitches with assigning keyboard shortcuts. Concepts app, one of my favourite drawing apps, works really well with the K20.

This is a product I can recommend easily to those who use Windows tablets, or pen displays or pen tablets with Windows.

If you use iPad and Android tablet, I don't recommend the Huion K20 until the respective drivers are improved. I will update this review in the future when there are new drivers available.


If you're interested to get the Huion K20 Keydial Mini, you can find it on Huion online store.

Consider making your purchase through the affiliate link above. I earn some commission at no extra cost to you and your support helps me put out more reviews like the one you just read.

If you want to save some money, you can still get the previous model Huion KD100 Keydial Mini at US $49. Main difference is you need to use the USB-A receiver with your computer to connect wirelessly.



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