700th Youtube Video Milestone Giveaway Contest (Ends 22 Sep 2017)


Thanks for participating in the last week's giveaway contest. Here's the next contest.

Here are the prizes for this week.


The Huion and XP Pen tablets are for those located in Singapore only. It's expensive to ship big boxes overseas.


1. You must have posted a comment on one of my Youtube videos before
If you have posted a comment in the past, you have a good chance of winning.

2. Contact me with the following information
Subject header: 700 Videos Milestone Giveaway 2nd Contest

Tell me your Youtube name and choose 3 prizes you want to win, listing them in order of preference. That way, if I can't give you your first choice, I can give you your second choice.

Send your entry to:

3. Anyone from anywhere can join
Note that you have to be located in Singapore to choose the * prize. Shipping is expensive.

4. Closing date is 22 Sept 2017, 12 noon SGT
There will be 3 winners. Each will win one prize.

While you're here

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And good luck! Hope you win something!



Hi there Teoh!

Hi there Teoh!
I am very new to watercolor and have gotten very excited by just watching your videos!
I would love to win
1)Travel brush set
2) Pebeo metal box with brush wrap
3) Ink samples
They all sounds so facinating and very exciting to win and I would be honored to recieve anything from you!!!!

Hi Teoh, I've commented

Hi Teoh, I've commented before but quite a while ago - really like your sketching style and watercolour paint critiques. Wouldn't mind winning the Travel Brush Set, the Pebeo box or the Ink samples.

Hi Teoh,

Hi Teoh,
Thank you for your videos. I would love to win the travel brushes, the inks, or the peabo set.
Please keep showing us new stuff.
Laura Johnson

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