Autobiographical Comic Book: Illustrate Your Experiences by Alec Longstreth

Autobiographical Comic Book: Illustrate Your Experiences is an introductory course on making comics for beginners.

The instructor is Alec Longstreth, a cartoonist, freelance illustrator, and teacher based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The length of the course is 3 hours 10 minutes. No prior knowledge of drawing is required so anyone with an interest to making comics can follow along. This is not a technical course and doesn't cover drawing techniques. The course covers the basic workflow of creating comics and there's a hands-on project to follow along because the best way to learn is through hands-on learning.

The course starts with Longstreth sharing how he got into comics and his inspiration. You can tell he's an engaging, enthusiastic artist who really loves his craft. It kinda reminded me of the first time I started drawing as well.

The main project actually involves drawing something about your life, and if you're not comfortable with that you can always draw something fictional. There are tips on where you can get ideas.

The basics of storytelling in comics is taught. There's also the recommendation of getting the book Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud for those who want to deep dive into the more technical aspects of making comics.

The course goes through brainstorming for ideas, page layout, lettering, penciling, inking, cleaning up the comic, fixing mistakes, sharing your comics, collecting feedback and how to be a better comic artist.

There are also productivity tips on time management and how you can tackle larger comics projects.

It's an insightful and inspiring course. It's good for those who want to draw comics for fun or even as a career. It gives you a good idea of the process and what it takes to be a comic artist, especially on the workload you can expect.

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