Benks matte screen protector (artist review)

Review sample provided by Benks

The matte screen protector from Benks is priced at USD 14 for one piece.

Items included with the purchase are:

  • 1x matte screen protector
  • 2x small stickers for dust removal
  • 2x big stickers for dust removal
  • 1x card for applying the screen protector
  • 1x micro-fiber cleaning cloth
  • 1x wet wipe

The most challenging part of installing the screen protector is removing all the dust and air bubbles. It's best to watch some instructional videos on Youtube first before installation.

On the screen protector are stickers #1, #2 and #3. So you peel them off in sequential order to apply the screen protector. Sticker #1 will remove a portion of the screen protector which greatly helps with alignment, then you remove sticker #2 to apply, and sticker #3 to reveal the matte surface.

This matte screen protector provides a nice tactile drawing experience. You can actually hear the Apple Pencil glide on the surface.

This matte screen protector is considered the smoother type, hence anti-glare is not as aggressive compared to rougher screen protectors.

Reflections of shapes and light can still be clearly seen but with slight diffusion. In bright lighting conditions, avoid having the tablet face the sky to avoid having the whole display turn white from diffused reflection.

When used with the M4 iPad Pro with SDR brightness up to 1000 nits, contents on the display can still be seen in bright lighting conditions with diffused reflections. The iPads with 600 nits or lower brightness will have contrast affected noticeably. In other words, if you're using M4 iPad Pro, you can still see the display outdoors quite clearly but not with LCD (best used indoors).

Colour noise and grain is at medium level, not that distracting. Sharpness is affected slightly but overall visuals can still be considered sharp.

Here's the overall rating:

  • Colour noise: Medium
  • Tactile experience: Medium to high
  • Reflectivity: Reflective, smooth matte
  • Glare under bright lighting: Medium to high


This matte screen protector is available on Benks online store

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