Book Review: The Art of Tales From Earthsea

Art of Tales from Earthsea

Art of Tales From EarthseaMost of Studio Gilbli's "Art of" movie books are published in different languages over different countries. Mine version was published for the Chinese market. The image shown on the left is for the Japanese market. There's no book out yet for the English market, strangely, by VIZ.

The movie was directed by Hayao Miyazaki's son, Goro Miyazaki. It was released on 29 July 2006 in Japan.

This book features concept art, character design and paintings. One noticeable lack is movie stills, which is very welcomed since they are replaced with sketches.

The focus of the book is on character designs and set drawings. The paintings of the city and set are just absolutely stunning. The colours are done really well and gives the places a sense of authenticity. Most of them deserved to be mounted onto frames to be displayed in museums.

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