Review: Arrtx Watercolor Brush Markers

I was sent some new brush markers from this new company called Arrtx to try out recently. Some of their products are listed on Amazon but the selection is limited. There are more Arrtx products on Aliexpress.

The brush markers come in sets of 24 and 48 and are priced at US $20 and $32 respectively on Aliexpress, with shipping included

I do recommend getting a large container where you can put the markers with the coloured end pointing up so that choose and pick up the markers easily.

The cap can be posted behind.

On the back are the coloured ends with the colour code.

The markers are lightweight. Feels a bit cheap but they are cheap. There's no colour name on the marker except the colour code.

You can match the colour code to the swatches provided in the packaging box. I recommend you swatch out the colours on paper so that you can see how the colours actually look like. It's easier to choose colours with a reference colour chart around.

These brush markers use bristles instead of foam. These bristle tips are sharper and great for colouring details. Bristles are also softer so these are great for creating calligraphy art.

With 48 colours in the set, you have a wide variety of colours to choose from. You can paint shadows with a light and dark value of the same colour, or overlay with another colour.

Ink flow is good enough but these are not the juiciest markers that I've used. I'm not sure how long the ink will last since I haven't used them thoroughly yet. These are best used on smooth paper.

Since the ink is water-based inks, they are probably dye inks and hence not lightfast.

As for blending colours, I can't say much because I'm not good at blending. From what I can see, the colours dry fast. So subsequently layers will give you the hard edge rather than blending softly with the initial layer. You should be able to blend well if you can choose colours that are close.


These brush markers are selling at really affordable prices. The prices on Aliexpress includes free global shipping as well.

These brush markers are great for beginners who want to learn calligraphy art with brush, and also for those who just want to use them for colouring.


You can get them at


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