Review: Diamine Inferno Orange & Blue Flame

Diamine Inferno Orange & Blue Flame are from Diamine's Shimmertastic series of fountain pen inks. These inks have gold-coloured particles suspended in the ink to produce a shimmering look. Because those are physical particles, there's the risk of clogging the pen so do clean out your pen once in a while, especially when you are not going to use them often.

Inferno Orange is an intense, almost red-coloured ink.

The combination of gold shimmer and red ink looks great.

The shimmer can be subtle depending on the angle you're looking at.

Blue Flame looks like the classic blue of most fountain pen inks.

This ink also uses gold shimmering particles. By the way, the areas that are coloured with gold paint (not the ink), those are painted on with the Spectrum Noir opaque metallic markers.

Subtle. Works better when you have more words where the effect is more subtle and obvious at the same time, if you know what I mean.


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