Review: Kuxiu X27 Pro iPad magnetic stand with phone charging

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The Kuxiu X27 Pro is a magnetic stand made for the iPad Pro (2018 - 2022) and has a wireless charging pad for phones. The price USD 99 is higher than other iPad magnetic stands I have reviewed but the X27 Pro has the additional feature for phone charging up to 15W.

FYI, the Pitaka iPad magnetic stand I reviewed recently cost $99 and needs another $69 case for use with the tablet. If you want an iPad Pro magnetic stand with phone charging, the Kuxiu stand is cheaper, significantly, and does not require the tablet case.

The other product I received is the Kuxiu iPad magnetic case which is USD 49. It's an iPad Pro case with magnets behind that can work with the Apple Magic Keyboard, magnetic stands and some folios (if they are thick enough).

The stand

The magnetic stand comes disassembled and assembly is straightforward.

Just screw the three screws to the stand with the allen key provided and...

Place the magnetic plate on the stand then tighten the knob behind.

The stand is made of aluminium and the build quality is solid. It's stable and has good grip on the table.

The USB-A to USB-C cable provided has to connect to the stand. There's no power adapter included so you'll need your own.

All the corners are rounded off, edges are beveled and surface is matte textured. The stand looks good and feels premium.

Make sure you get the correct size for your iPad because the magnetic plate only supports either 12.9 or 11-inch, not both.

The tablet can be deployed to portrait orientation too. The corner of the tablet will not hit the base when you're rotating the tablet.

Magnetic plate adjustment is handled by a ball head behind that can rotate to more angles than other magnetic stands. The company claims the ball head can be adjusted 10,000 times before it starts to show signs of loosening.

The downside of the ball head design is it is more difficult to remove the tablet from the magnetic plate since the plate will move.

If you have the magnetic tablet case on the iPad, the magnetic attachment is stronger making it even more difficult to remove the tablet.

The wireless Qi charging base can charge phones and wireless earphones.

For iPhones, charging speed is only up to 7.5W. For other phones it's up to 15W. For wireless earphones it's 5W.

The magnetic tablet stand is an optional accessory that can provide additional protection for the iPad Pro. At USD 49, it's quite pricey for a hard plastic case.

The case is lightweight and quite slim and doesn't add much thickness to the tablet. The case holds on to the side of the metal frame and will not interfer with any screen protector.

The selling point here is there are magnets on the back and hence this can work with magnetic stands, Apple Magic Keyboard and some folios if they are thick enough.

Note the pass-through connection for the Apple Magic Keyboard.

Unfortunately I don't have the original Apple Magic Keyboard so I cannot tell you how well the fitting will be.

My third party keyboard case is not compatible with the tablet case because it cannot close completely as there's one side that interferes with the hinge. There are some cases with a cutout on one side that accounts for the hinge but this case does not have that cutout.

It also does not work with my folio as well due to the extra thickness.

The case protects all four sides and the back, and there are cutouts for the speakers, port and mics.

Apple Pencil charging still works but the magnetic attraction is weaken slightly.


The iPad magnetic stand works well and also provides wireless charging for phones.

The tablet case is not necessary unless you need additional protection for your tablet. And if you want to use the tablet case with other accessories, e.g. keyboard cases or folios, do some research first on the compatibility.


iPad Stand: Kuxiu online storeAmazon USA

Magnetic case: here and Amazon USA

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