Review: Panart Synthetic Sable Watercolour Brushes

This is the second set of brushes that I received from Panart Global. These are the synthetic sable watercolour brushes.

Just like the Panart Interlocked Synthetic watercolour brushes that I've reviewed recently, these brushes also look very beautiful.

They come in short handle matt bronze colour with black ferrule. The matt surface body is really nice to hold.

The hair is made of synthetic filament and is coloured to look like sable hair.

The size numbering system used by Panart Global is different from other companies. Shown in the picture above, from top to bottom, we have the size 12 Escoda Barroco, the size 14 Panart, and size 6 Nevskaya Palitra sable brush.

Real sable hair has more belly before it tapers into a sharp point. The synthetic hair is more streamline.

In terms of water holding capacity, I'm quite surprised that the Panart synthetic brush can actually hold a good amount of water, comparable to that from the sable brush.

The top horizontal strokes and the wavy line are painted with the Panart synthetic while the strokes below the wavy lines are from the Nevskaya Palitra. When you can hold so much water, you don't have to reload that often while painting.

The brush can create thin and thick strokes easily, go back to its shape, and is able to release paint consistently.

This is a sketch painted with a flat and round brush.

I was able to cover the large areas with the flat brush easily.

The round brush has a sharp point that makes painting details, thin lines and going into tiny areas effortless.

Overall, the performance of this brush is fantastic. It really does mimic the characteristics of a sable brush well, namely the ability to spring back to shape and can hold lots of water.

The only thing that's difference from sable brush is, I could still feel that the synthetic hair is a bit stiffer. But that doesn't affect its performance in anyway.

You can find out more information about these as well as other types of brushes on Panart's websites:


This brush is currently available at select retail outlets in Germany, Italy and Norway. You can get them online at Peters Art Shop (Germany), they ship worldwide.

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Teoh, did you get yours from Peters??
At, these brushes are 'currently unavailable'. A web search doesn't bring up any other dealers. And Panart's site has no list of dealers :^(

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