Review: Pitaka iPhone 14 Sunset Moment Case

Review sample provided by Pitaka

Pitaka is a company that makes handphone and tablet accessories and is known for their lightweight cases that features their Fusion Weaving design.

On 9 March 2023, Pitaka released a limited edition SUNSET MOMENT case for the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. From what I've been told, there are no plans for cases for the standard iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus (unless you pester the company for them).

Each case is priced at US $89.99 and that includes the grip, but free global shipping will depend on your country.

This SUNSET MOMENT case is based on the Pitaka MagEZ Case 3 series which is priced at US $59.99 with the colourful designs at US $69.99. Both standard and limited edition cases are pricey so only you can decide whether it's worth the money.

These are the items included in the box. There's the case, a grip and...

There should be 3 fridge magnets but I did not receive them hence the product photo above.

The Pitaka MagEZ Case 3 does not provide full protection for the iPhone as there are cutouts at the top, bottom and the sides where the volume and power buttons are. If you need full protection, you have to go with the MagEZ Case 3 Pro.

This case is incredibly thin and just 23g so it doesn't add much bulk or weight to the iPhone.

The unit number is printed in dot matrix font on the camera protection.

This is the Fusion Weaving design that uses Aramid fiber which is said to be 5 times stronger than steel but 5 times lighter. It's some kind of fiber so you can actually feel the texture.

The weaving design is also used inside the case.

This case has allowance for glass screen protector. The edges also rise above the display and glass screen protector.

This sunset design is actually inspired by the 1957 novel On the Road written by Jack Kerouac. 66 years ago, Jack Kerouac and the Beat Generation drove on US Route 66, passing mountains, plains, deserts, and towns, roaming tirelessly to feel freedom through and through at the moment of the burning sunset.

The included MagEZ Grip is also a special edition with a Route 66 design on it.

The strength of the magnet is so strong you can shake the phone by holding only the grip and the case will not dislodge. If you're thinking of using the grip to help with your camera, just note that it is still possible for the case to dislodge if you pull the grip too hard.

That grip is really nice and is also available as a separate purchase for US $24.99.

This is an iPhone case that looks good and feels good, and I love the grip. The main downside for me is the four cutouts. I'm not sure why Pitaka did not go with the full-protection design.


You can find the Pitaka SUNSET MOMENT case from the Pitaka online store.

If you want to buy the Pitaka MagEZ Grip separately, it's available here.

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