Review:Diamine Lilac Satin & Firestorm Red

First of all thanks to whoever sent me 12 vials of Diamine fountain pen inks that were bought from Goulet Pens. These were sent probably more than a year ago and I only discovered them recently while rearranging stuff in my drawer.

Diamine has been making inks since 1864 and now has sells more than 100 inks.

The first two colours I'm reviewing is Firestorm Red and Lilac Satin. Kudos to the person who named the inks. Those are names that raised my eyebrows. lol

These are two sketches that I drew with the inks.

Note that these inks are dye-based, hence not lightfast, and are also not waterproof.

Lilac Satin is a strong vibrant purple that reminds me of the watercolour paint Carbazole Violet.

This ink is supposed to have some shimmering quality but from what I can see, the ink dries matte.

Firestorm Red looks great too.

This is a strong deep red. I noticed that for certain parts, there's sheen on the strokes that dried. There's some sparkle. But on other strokes, it just dries matte.

You probably need to shake the ink to get the sparkly bits to mix thoroughly in the ink.

The ink doesn't and shouldn't feather unless you're using lousy quality paper.

These inks flow very well. The colours are intense and vibrant. Quality, based on how they look, is fantastic.

Stay tuned for my reviews of the remaining ten colours.


You can find this two inks and more reviews on Amazon:


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