Wacom Cintiq 24HD is out

Wacom Cintiq 24HD is here

The Cintiq 24HD is out. Its price tag of US$2499 puts it out of range for hobbyist. I don't suppose Wacom included a cloth to wipe the drool off the screen while you're working.

It features 2048 pressure levels, takes DVI-I and DisplayPort and it's an IPS monitor meaning you can view it at any angle with slight to no gradation of colours. The physical design looks nice, futuristic in a way.

Check out Wacom's website for more details: https://www.wacom.com/en/Products/Cintiq/Cintiq24HD.aspx

Here's the trailer:



From what I know from the

From what I know from the other cintiqs is that they're more like an extra screen with special functions.
You have to connect it with your computer, and then you can just run all your drawing software like you usual do :)

At first glance, this look to

At first glance, this look to be very impressive. But with 20"x12" of active workspace with 30x 18 of actual dimension. This thing is almost a waste of space. What's with almost 6" of framing on each side?! I am also unsure how well this new stand design would work. You better have a big table for this.

I am an owner of the 21UX at home and also use it daily at work...90% of my colleague never use those buttons.

The new upgrades seem good

The new upgrades seem good but a bit marginal especially if you already own an older one like I do. I'm a sucker for technology but it better be significantly better in order to spend that kind of money and I just don't think this is. I'm curious to see how well this does in terms of sales.

I own both the Cintiq 21UX

I own both the Cintiq 21UX and 12WX (two separate computers, of course), so I'm really anticipating getting ahold of the 24HD. It'll be large, but that framing will be fantastic for resting my hands/arms. It gets hot resting them on the screen!

Hi Parka, Certainly this

Hi Parka, Certainly this product seems appealing and eye candy. Although in my opinion it lost a important feature above all for digital artists. You can't rotate the screen along the plane
of it (horizontally) yet when this function was presented in the previous model. I am sure many people will miss it, especially at the moment of drawing curves. In fact, i consulted about Wacom to insure myself.

if (and u should) u have open

if (and u should) u have open gl enabled in edit>preferences>performance, you can rotate the canvas by holding keyboard shortcut R and then click/drag your canvas (full screen mode) in the direction you want to rotate it.

I'm very lucky enough to own

I'm very lucky enough to own the Cintiq 24HD and extremely happy that I made the purchase. Is a spicy meatball, but well worth it if you are a Character Designer, Digital Sculptor, etc. I am by no means a Professional Illustrator but I can hold my own and I'm self taught in ZBrush. As for physically rotating the Cintiq to various positions, I personally like the idea of making the software do the work. Another thing is that I definitely agree that you will need a nice size desk for this monster. I do like the fact that you have different angles but what I didn't see on Wacom's site is that you cannot LOCK the Cintiq at every angle...I hope that makes sense. This Cintiq model has two peg stands that you can use that are located on the back of the Cintiq but for me I rarely use them and they feel somewhat awkward as I'm pressing down on the screen. I do enjoy the customization keys on the left and right especially the radial dials which are also on the left and right. The fact (for me that is) that when using Photoshop and ZBrush I rarely have to reach for the keyboard, I can focus all my attention on my work area and my custom keys that are on the Cintiq therefore improving my work time and work flow. It did take some trial and error but I'm getting there and is fun to see everything slowly coming together. I honestly don't want to get too lengthy but bottom line I'm thoroughly pleased that I made the jump, I wish Wacom would do whatever magic to make more Cintiq's available to more people so there can be more use and reviews, and if your into animation, illustration, digital painting etc. and considering whether or not to get a Cintiq, save your money as much as you can took me over 6 months and be patient. Ohhh last thing I promise, if you get any kind of Cintiq your going to need a glove, whether it be a sock or the smudgeguard whatever because hours on end your hand is going sweat and stick to the screen which in turn will hurt your chances of drawing nice fluid lines. I really hope this helps someone and I apologize for being lengthy but there is a lot to say and trying to sum all things up isn't my specialty.


@Parka Great advice, maybe

Great advice, maybe I'm missing something but I can't seem to find the Cintiq 24HD on amazon, could be because Wacom is sold out at the moment. I'm sure it is somewhere just I'm not seeing it at the moment.

Regardless, I'm really happy that I came across your site and looking forward to more products that you have to share.


I would love to get one but

I would love to get one but my greatest fear is to end up putting scratches on it. Is it scratch resistant? Does it have some sort of screen protector that you can replace or do I have to live with the guilt of having made a scratch on it?

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