XP-Pen Felt Pen Nibs are now available

XP-Pen felt pen nibs are now available. They are priced at US $15 for twenty pieces so the pricing is very reasonable.

However the felt pen nibs are only compatible with the X3 Elite pens.

These pen nibs are great for those who want a more tactile drawing experience than what the plastic nibs can provide. And because these nibs are softer than the plastic nibs, they are less likely to scratch the matte screen protectors on XP-Pen pen displays.

Pressure sensitivity of the pen is not affected at all. In other words, you can still get the low initial activation force to draw thin lines with almost no pressure applied. And you can have line transition from thick to thin easily. The X3 Elite pen is capable of detecting minor changes to pressure when you're using minimal pressure.

While there is more texture, the pen nib still glides as smoothly as the plastic nib.

The pricing of $15 for twenty pieces is good and these are definitely worth trying. By the way, the pen display shown above is the XP-Pen Artist 16 (2nd gen) I reviewed recently.


You can find the XP-Pen felt pen nibs on this product page from XP-Pen online store.


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