Review: Osprey Delta dip nib

Osprey Delta is a stainless steel dip nib with an ink reservoir attachment. This is sold by Osprey Pens and the price is just US $2.50.

Shown above is the nib held in a Tachikawa dip pen. The nib is quite long and extends out by 3cm. The nib extends out much longer than a Zebra G nib because the Zebra G nib can be pushed further into the dip pen.

This is how long the nib is compared to my Pelikan M200.

The ink reservoir attachment is removable.

This ink reservoir increases the ink carrying capacity significantly.

Shown above is an A4-sized paper. Without the ink reservoir, I was only able to get one line across and a bit further. With the ink reservoir, I was able to cover more than half the page. Having the ink reservoir means you can draw for longer period instead of having to reload ink often. Very convenient.

The writing performance is not very different from a fountain pen. It's quite smooth on paper.

The pen nib is considered a Fine in size. In this case, this Fine nib produces a slightly thinner line than my Pelikan M200 Fine nib. You can make the lines thicker by applying slight pressure but this dip nib is not considered a flexible nib.

The nib is long. So whether you prefer a long or short nib really comes down to personal preference.

If you hold the dip pen further away, you can sketch even more loosely.

There's no difference between these two sketches except the lines with the Osprey Delta are slightly thinner.

Here's another sketch drawn with Osprey Delta, painted with Noodler's Lexington Gray and black ink.

It's enjoyable to draw with this dip nib. The line quality is not much different compared to typical fountain pens. It's only the experience of drawing with a dip nib that's different.

The main advantage with a dip nib is you can use it with heavier inks that can clog fountain pens. This is so because you can clean the pen nib easily.

For just US $2.50, it's definitely worth the money.

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