Rotring Pens I bought: Isograph 0.5 & 0.7

These are the two Rotring Isograph technical pens that I bought recently. They are the 0.5 and 0.7 tips.

I was actually looking for the Rotring Rapidograph technical pen but it's not sold here in Singapore. With the pens in hand now I can say that I prefer the Isograph because it's easily refillable as compared to the Rapidograph which uses cartridge. I think it's more economic to just get a big bottle of ink than to keep buying the Rotring pen refills.

I'll be reviewing the Rotring technical pens in a separate more detailed review soon.

These are technical drawing pens so they produces uniform lines without variations. It doesn't suit everyone's drawing style of course.

Here are more pictures.

Rotring Isograph technical pen

Rotring ink bottle 23ml
That's a 23ml Rotring ink bottle. They also sell the 250ml big bottle.

Rotring Isograph technical pen

Rotring Isograph technical pen
You can disassemble the Rotring Isograph for cleaning.

Rotring Isograph technical pen
This is what the drawing tip consist.

Rotring Isograph technical pen
These are the sizes in comes in.

Rotring Isograph technical pen

One sketch below is drawn with the Rotring Isograph pen and the other with the Pilot Hi-Techpoint. Can you guess which one is which?

You can find the Rotring Isograph pens on Amazon (US | UK | DE | FR | ES | IT).

They are sold separately and in sets.

Here's an attractive set to get at



The first is the pilot

The first is the pilot because the edges are more raw. The second one is the Rotring because the lines and edges are very neat. I like the Rotring better. The Pilot is not too messy yet not too neat. I'd rather it be one or the other.

I recently found an old

I recently found an old Rotring 4-in-1 model. It has red, blue, black-inked pens and a mechanical pencil. The ink for the pens have dried up. Anybody has any idea where and how i can buy the re-fills?

The ink somehow changes over

The ink somehow changes over time in the rapidograph cartridges...ammonia doesn't dissolve it. My first pens were the refillable isographs....I switched to the rapidograph...and yes, the cartridges are handy....but I'm going back to the refillable isographs.

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